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Who would win?
  • Mood: Artistic
Who would win?
  • Mood: Artistic
Who would win?
  • Mood: Artistic
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(Contains: nudity)
Narrator: The adventure continues as Sonic and Rouge have decided to put the hunt for the remaining Chaos Emeralds on hold, so that they can help a lost chef spirit find his way back to the afterlife.

Sonic is running with Hell’s Chef on his back. Rouge is riding alongside him on her motorcycle.

Sonic: I hope we get there soon, I’m REALLY getting hungry.

Hell’s Chef: You know, this is probably the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me…

Sonic: Ah, hey, it’s no big deal, really.

Hell’s Chef: Well, I merely wanted to thank you.

Rouge (Sarcastic): Gosh, I think I’m going to cry. (Normal) Spare me, please! Just concentrate on where we’re going so we can get there while we’re still young!

Sonic: Why are you always complaining? Why don’t you try thinking happy thoughts, Rouge?

They stop.

Rouge: Hold on. Let’s see if there anything to be happy about. (Gets out guidebook) Hey, not too bad! Just two more miles. Hm.

Sonic: Whoa, we’re close! That’s great!

Hell’s Chef: …

Sonic: Huh?

Hell’s Chef: I can’t wait to get back.

Little do they know, someone is watching them from behind a bush with a telescope, and he’s hungry.

Wapol: Hmm. (Chuckles) Looks like dinner’s on the way. (When they get close enough, he steps out in front of them) Hold it right there! (They stop) (Laughs) Oh yeah, anthros give me heartburn but I LOVE physical spirits. So look, hand him over or you’re dead!

Rouge (Scared): Sonic, you heard him, give him the chef, quick.

Sonic just sticks his tongue out at Wapol.

Wapol: Eh? Huh, I guess a little heartburn never hurt anybody… Alright, have it your way! Die if you want!

Rouge (To Sonic): You idiot, you’re going to get us killed! Give it to him!

Sonic: I don’t care WHAT this guy says, no!

Rouge: …Are you out of your freaking mind, kiddo?!

Sonic: He’s my friend, Rouge.

Wapol: Not for long… MUNCH-MUNCH MUTATION: TONGUE CANNON! (His tongue transforms into a cannon)

Rouge screams, turns her bike around and rides to a safe distance.

Sonic: I think you better hop down.

As much as Hell’s Chef wanted to show Wapol the business end of his knife, he figures he wouldn’t get close enough.

Hell’s Chef: Watch out!

Sonic: Huh?

Wapol fires a cannonball at them, which Sonic dodges. Hell’s Chef hops down and gets to safety.

Sonic: It’s just you and me, now.

Wapol: Ha, you think you’re real cute, don’t you, rat boy? You should have saved your skin, while you had the chance!

Wapol fires cannon balls at Sonic. Sonic dodges every one. He then jumps up.

Sonic: You missed me! (Lands behind Wapol) Over here, tin butt!

Wapol: Huh?!

Rouge (To Hell’s Chef): Forget about HIM Chef, let’s get out of here!

Wapol (To Sonic): (Laughs) I like you, kid. Too bad you have to die! MUNCH-MUNCH FACTORY: WAPOL HOUSE!

Wapol becomes a giant house and jumps up. He falls to land on Sonic. But when he touches down with a crash, Sonic is now on his head.

Sonic: Yo! (Laughs)

He then gets in front of Wapol’s face and gets into a fighting stance.

Sonic: One, two, three!

Wapol: Huh?

Sonic punches Wapol’s face, hard. Sonic jumps off and Wapol falls to the ground and transforms back, out cold. Sonic lands on the ground.

Sonic: Yeah! Well, that’s that.

Rouge (Stunned): Yeah…sure…whatever you say, kiddo…

Sonic walks to Hell’s Chef.

Sonic: Are you okay?

Hell’s Chef: Yes, I’m fine. Thanks to you.

Sonic: So some creatures think you’re good to eat, huh?

Hell’s Chef: What? Of course not! How unsavory. Manifestations of criticism are poison for the soul! You’d probably either puke or expire…

Sonic (Letting Chef back on his back): That’s what I thought. Some people will eat ANYTHING. Not me, though.

Hell’s Chef lets out a sigh of relief.

Rouge: Ready guys? Let’s go!

Sonic (Running ahead): Onward to the afterlife!

Rouge (Riding after them): Hey, wait up!

Eventually, they get to a dark portal to the afterlife, located in New Jersey.

Rouge: There it is Sonic, I found it!

Sonic: Huh? No way… Whoa. Look, look! We’re really here! It’s huge! And purple! And cool! (Laughs) Whoa. The afterlife.

Rouge: Isn’t it impressive, Sonic?

Sonic: Yeah, it’s incredible. I never dreamed that a place like THIS really existed.

Hell’s Chef: I was starting to wonder myself, it’s been so long. Thank you for bringing me back.

Rouge gets off her motorcycle and Chef gets off Sonic’s back.

Sonic: Hey, sure, no problem. It was a lot of fun.

Rouge stretches and yawns.

Hell’s Chef: Well, I’d better get going.

Sonic: You sure do have a cool home, Chef.

Chef walks to the portal.

Hell’s Chef: I never would have made it if it wasn’t for you, thank you.

Sonic: Hey, anytime.

Hell’s Chef: Would you mind waiting here? I have a gift I’d like to bring you to repay you for all you’ve done for me.

Sonic: A gift?

Rouge: What kind of gift could a candle chef have, huh?

Hell’s Chef: You’ll see. I’ll be back, soon.

Chef enters the portal.

Rouge: It’s not a stupid skull, is it? Hey, hold on!

But he’s already out of earshot.

Rouge: Oh, he’s gone.

Some time later, sonic and Rouge are walking in the waters of the beach near the portal.

Rouge: Hey, what’cha doing there, kiddo? I wouldn’t do that if I were you.

Sonic puts some of the water in his mouth.

Sonic: Ugh, yuck! This water’s salty!

Meanwhile, in Robotnik’s fortress, he’s daydreaming about being on a white horse and wearing a crown.

Robotnik (To the horse): Whoa!

People are lining the roads of a town, on their knees and bowing. They are chanting “Hail Robotnik”. Robotnik is trotting down the street.

Announcer: Make way for Dr. Robotnik, the supreme ruler of the world!

Back in reality, we see Robotnik on his throne and holding the Purple emerald.

Robotnik: Thank you, thank you.

Grounder’s voice: Dr. Robotnik!

Robotnik: Huh?

Scratch and Grounder run in.

Grounder: Dr. Robotnik!

Robotnik: What? Spit it out. Did you get the Chaos Emerald?

Grounder: Not exactly…

Scratch: It’s like this. There was a slight problem with the information, your vileness.

Robotnik: And?

Scratch: It was bogus, yeah! We were nearly killed by a huge pack of wolves!

Grounder: And then we crashed, you slimyness. Some crazy hedgehog, he kicked our plane! It was horrible!

Robotnik: Silence! I am sick of your lame brained excuses! Now get out of here and get that Chaos Emerald if it’s the last thing you do! Understand?!

Scratch and Grounder (Scared): Yes, you nastyness!

The phone on the table rings.

Robotnik and Robots: Huh?

Robotnik: The hotline.

He walks over to the table and picks up the phone.

Robotnik: Hello? … What’s that you say? … You’re kidding! And where is it? … I see, well done! (Hangs up) Another Chaos Emerald, we’re in luck! An old hotel owner named Gregory has it and no one’s even guarding it!

Grounder: But…does he have any wolves?

Robotnik: No, you imbecile! He lives in an old hotel in the afterlife! Wolves don’t go there! (Makes a “wait…” expression)

Scratch: We’d better be careful. Could be another bum steer.

Robotnik: Never mind that! Go get me that Chaos Emerald!

Robots: Yes, you evilness!

Scratch and Grounder go to the hanger, followed by Robotnik.

Grounder: Huh?

Scratch: Your clinginess. YOU’VE never come with us on a mission before.

Robotnik: You keep screwing up! I can’t trust you too on your own anymore!

They get on Robotnik’s Egg-O-Matic hovercraft and take off.

Grounder: Engaging thrusters. (They fly off.) Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. Please fasten your seatbelts and remain seated at all times.

Robotnik: Forget the seatbelts! It’s too cramped in here!

Scratch: Yeah, it’s a little stuffy!

Grounder (Under breath): ‘Cause there’s one too many in here…

Robotnik: What did you say?!

Grounder: I said I read you loud and clear!

Back on the beach. Rouge is drawing a picture of poo in the sand with a stick for some reason… And Sonic is building a pile of sand.

Rouge: (Sigh) I get so relaxed when I’m on the beach.

Sonic: Yeah, you’re not talking nearly as much.

Rouge sees something in the portal.

Rouge: Huh? Hey, what’s that? Whatever it is, it’s moving toward us.

Sonic: Huh? (Looks) It’s Hell’s Chef, and he’s got someone with him.

Rouge: Wow, it’s like you’ve got super vision or something. Pretty cool, Sonic.

Sonic (Calling): Hey Chef! Over here!

Gregory: Doesn’t he realize that they’re the only ones on the beach?

Hell’s Chef: Hey there! Sorry I kept you waiting! I had to go get my hotel manager.

Rouge (When Gregory is in view): Man, check THAT guy out.

Both he and Chef step through.

Gregory: Well, hello there, children.

Rouge: Hi, how’s it going? Welcome to this side. What a cool outfit.

Gregory: I want to thank you for helping my chef.

Sonic: It was our pleasure, mister.

Gregory: I’m Gregory, Lord of Purgatory.

Rouge: Uh, Lord of Purgatory?

Gregory (To Hell’s Chef): Which one of these children helped you?

Hell’s Chef: It’s that blue hedgehog there.

Gregory walks to Sonic.

Gregory: You are a very brave boy. I have a gift I want to give you as a token of my gratitude.

Rouge: Hear that, Sonic?

Gregory turns to the portal and walks to it. He then makes a dramatic pose.


Rouge (Smiles): (Gasp) Magic carpet?!

Sonic: What in the world is a magic carpet?

Rouge: “What’s a magic carpet?”? It’s a carpet you can sit on and fly ANYWHERE you want. They’re not real, though. At least I don’t THINK they are.

Time passes and nothing happens.

Gregory: …

Hell’s Chef: Gregory. You took the magic carpet to the cleaners…

Gregory: That’s right, you’ve good point there, Chef... Hmm.

Rouge: I KNEW it, they’re NOT real.

Gregory: The other option is the Flying Nimbus. But am I really ready to part with it? (Snaps fingers) Why not? (To Sonic) If you can ride it, it’s yours! (Poses dramatically) COME TO ME, FLYING NIMBUS!

Sonic: He’s odd.

Rouge: …He’s not odd, he’s nuts.

Gregory: Now where is that cloud? (A yellow cloud is seen coming towards the portal) Oh, there it is! It’s about time. See? (It flies through) She’s a beauty, isn’t she?

Rouge: Hmm?

Sonic: Whoa! Look Rouge, isn’t it cool!?

Rouge: Yeah, how strange!

It lands near them.

Sonic: Wow!

Gregory: Don’t be afraid, she’s as sweet as candy.

Sonic and Rouge: Whoa.

Sonic: It’s so light and puffy. (To Gregory) Do you mind if I have a taste?

Gregory: You don’t EAT it, my friend!

Rouge: What does this thing do?

Gregory: If you can manage to sit on this cloud, it can fly you wherever you want.

Rouge: There’s got to be some kind of hitch. You wouldn’t be GIVING it away. Something’s wrong with it, right?

Gregory: Hmm? There’s nothing wrong with this cloud, my dear!

Sonic: Hey, can I try to ride it now?

Gregory: Sure, why not? But I must warn you, you must be pure of heart to ride THIS cloud.

Sonic: Hmm?

Gregory: Yep. Otherwise, it won’t let you on it. It’s picky that way.

Sonic: Whoa!

Gregory: Here, let an old mouse show you how it’s done.

Gregory jumps onto the Nimbus, only for him to fall through it on his butt. He falls over. Rouge points and laughs at him.

Hell’s Chef: Are you okay, Gregory? (Helps him up) You must have done something naughty.

Gregory: (Groans) Be quiet.

Sonic: Now let ME try it!

Sonic jumps on and he successfully stands on it.

Gregory and Hell’s Chef: Huh?!

Sonic: Whoa. (Starts dancing in joy) Yeah! All right! I did it! I did it, I really did it! Yeah, alright! (Laughs) I did it, did you see?! I did it! Woo!

Hell’s Chef: He did it, Gregory…

Gregory: I’ll be darned. There goes my cloud.

Up in the sky, the Egg-o-matic is flying overhead. It flies through a portal into Purgatory. Grounder is humming to himself while Dr. Robotnik and Scratch search through binoculars.

Robotnik: Shut up, Grounder! Pay attention!

Grounder: Sorry, your tone-deafness. Is there any sign of the hotel yet?

Scratch: Negative.

Robotnik sees it.

Robotnik: Hey! THERE it is! Take her down!

Grounder: Right away, your nastiness!

Grounder turns the wheel hard, causing the hovercraft to descend too fast and they scream. They manage to land near the graveyard.

Scratch: Wow. Nice hotel for a mouse.

Grounder: Yeah, wonder if he’s hiring.

Robotnik: You dimbot, let’s get on with it! Get the Chaos Emerald and don’t you DARE screw up!

Both bots: Right!

Robotnik: Now follow me. (They run to the hotel entrance. Robotnik plugs his nose) Telegram!

Scratch and Grounder: Huh?!

They react dumfounded.

Robotnik (knocking on the door): Hello! Special delivery! Telegram! Hello! Is anybody home?! (No answer) Good, the place is empty. (Chuckles)

Grounder: I got a great idea, let’s just break in.

Robotnik: Break in? I like your style, Grounder. But when in the presence of a brilliant mind, there is seldom need for brute force. (Starts digging through pockets) Now, where did I put that thing? (Searches his shoes, then finally digs into his mustache) Ah, yes, HERE it is! (gets out what looks like a pocket knife. He presses the button on it and a key forms) My Universal Key is just the thing for this job. We COULD smash right in, but hey, that’s not the way I operate. There, that’s it. (He tries again, but it’s still locked.) Hey, what’s the deal?! (He tries to force it open. Scratch and Grounder are standing inside the hotel at an open window)

Grounder: Look, your over-convolutedness, this window was open the whole time.

Robotnik (Looks): Huh?

Scratch: I’ll open the door. Wait.

Robotnik: (Grumbles) Doy-Sho…

Back at the beach, Sonic is flying around on the Nimbus. He laughs.

Sonic: Yeah! Whoa! Woo! (He flies along the water) Alright! Yeah! Whoa! Yeah! (He flies back up) Woo-hoo! Hey, down there! (He returns to the others and stops) Whoa, it’s great! Thanks, I love it!

Gregory: You fly that thing like you’ve had it your whole life.

Sonic laughs and flies off again.

Sonic: See ya!

Rouge: Hm? (Watches for a moment, then turns to Gregory) Hey, yo, what about me?

Gregory: Hm?

Rouge: Aren’t you going to give ME a gift, too?

Gregory (To Hell’s Chef): What do you say, did this young lady help you as well?

Hell’s Chef (Glaring): No, just the hedgehog…

Rouge: Hey, what about the magic wax I gave you?

Gregory: Hmm. I think I have to side with Chef on this one. But I could be persuaded to change my mind… (Blushes) For instance: If, uh, you were to…let me…see your underwear. (Creepy chuckle)

Rouge (Blushing): You want to see my…

Hell’s Chef: Gregory, what are you doing?!

Rouge: You can’t be serious!

Gregory: (Nods) Uh-HUH.

Hell’s Chef: Have you forgotten your code, Gregory?! Please, that’s wrong, DEAD wrong!

Gregory: Oh, hush up, will you?! Can’t a master take a break from training and have a little fun?!

Hell’s Chef: Grrrr. Now I understand why you couldn’t ride your cloud…

Gregory: Bite your tounge!

Rouge: This is so embarrassing… I can’t believe I’m doing this.

She lifts up her night gown, still not realizing that her underwear is not there, so Gregory gets a REAL eyeful.

Gregory and Hell’s Chef: !!!!!!

Rouge: Ta-da! (Gregory’s nose bleeds a bit) There, done, that’s it. (Looks away, embarrassed)

Gregory: Oh, my eyes… I think I’m blind… I’m gonna…faint…

Hell’s Chef: It serves you right!

Rouge (Turns back): Alright, so, where’s my gift at?

Gregory: Oh, right, the gift. Well, (Scratches head) I have one in mind… (Thinking) Now let’s see, I could give her the… no, not that, the wheels fell off. Well, what about the—

Rouge: Huh? (See sees Gregory wearing the Green Emerald as a necklace) Never mind, never mind! I know what I want!

Gregory (Aloud): Hm. Eh? You do? What?

Rouge: THAT! I want THAT! That thing right there that’s hanging around your neck!

Gregory: What? This? (Takes it off) You sure you want this old thing? I found it in my hotel’s lost and found a long time ago.

Rouge: Oh, it’s beautiful. (Takes it) (Thinking) The green Emerald. I can’t believe it. (Calling) Hey, Sonic!

Sonic (Stops): Huh?

Rouge (Calling): Come here, I’ve got something to show you!

Sonic: Okay! (Flies down to them) What?

Rouge: Look, it’s another Chaos Emerald.

She hands it to him.

Sonic: Whoa. It sure is, isn’t it?

Rouge: Our fourth Chaos Emerald.

Gregory: A Chaos what’d you call it?

Sonic: So aren’t you glad we decided to help Chef NOW? It paid off.

Rouge: I sure AM, you were SO right. And now, just three more and wish time.

Sonic: Yeah!

Gregory: What? That thing grants wishes?

Sonic: What a great day!

Rouge (To Gregory): Thank you! We really love our gifts! You’re a kind-hearted and generous mouse! Thanks so much!

Gregory: I never said you could HAVE the Emerald!

Rouge: But you said you were going to give me a gift. Can I have it, please? Aw, come on. (Lifts up her gown again a couple of times) There, huh? (Giggles)

Gregory’s nose bleeds.

Gregory: Ah! (puts a tissue on his nose) I’ll give up! It’s yours! Take it!

Rouge cheers and laughs.

Later, Rouge is revving up her motorcycle and Gregory and Chef are on their way back through the portal.

Sonic: Bye, Gregory! Thanks a lot! See you later!

Rouge: So long! Good bye!

They both ride off.

Gregory (Thinking): Boy, I tell you, these kids nowadays. They’re like little piranhas! I was lucky to get out of there with my candle stick and jacket!

Sonic and Rouge get back to the hosue.

Rouge: Man, I never thought things would be going this well! We only need three more Chaos Emeralds! I guess it was meant to be, kiddo.

Rouge goes inside while Sonic rests on the Nimbus.

Sonic: Whoa. I wish Uncle Chuck could see me now. (Rouge screams from inside) Eh. (Gets off and runs in) Hold on Rouge, I’m coming! (Rouge is trembling) What’s going on here? What’s wrong?

Rouge is holding her panites.

Rouge: M-M-My underwear was here on the floor… I’m afraid to look… (So she feels for them instead.) … THEY’RE NOT THERE!!! (Thinking) Oh, that means on the beach… the old mouse… oh boy…

Sonic: Oh, is THAT all? Well that’s okay, Rouge. That’s right where I put them?

Rouge: What are you talking about…?

Sonic: After I took them off, this morning.

Rouge: …Are you saying that you took my underwear off while I was sleeping this morning, huh?!

Sonic: I sure did!

Rouge: THESE underwear?!

Sonic: Yep, they’re the ones! (Rouge loads and cocks an uzi) Huh? What’re you doing, Rouge?

Rouge opens fire on Sonic, who dodges the bullets with his speed.

Back at Gregory House, we see Sleepy Sheep sleeping in the graveyard for some reason. While inside, Robotnik and the bots search the hotel, getting in trouble with various guests along the way. Scratch digs through the fridge.

Scratch: This is disgusting! Ugh!

Robotnik is back in the lobby, beaten up and bandaged.

Robotnik: Darn it! Where is that Chaos Emerald?!

Grounder: It’s not up here, your bandagedness!

Robotnik: OR down HERE!

Scratch: It’s not the kitchen either, your persistentness. (The bots gather in the lobby) It’s possible that someone tipped him off.

Robotnik: I wonder. Wait here! (Runs outside. He sees Sleepy Sheep) Huh? (He goes over) Hey there. Nice day, isn’t it?

Sleepy Sheep wakes up.

Sleepy Sheep: Huh…? (Robotnik produces a raygun and points it as the sheep, threateningly) Ahhh!

Robotnik: You better tell me what I want to know or I’ll make a wool blanket out of you!

Sleepy Sheep: Okay!

Robotnik: Where did this Gregory go?

Sleepy Sheep (Points behind Robotnik): Gregory? He’s right there, mister!

Robotnik: Right where!? (Looks to where he’s pointing and panics. Sure enough, Gregory is walking up to the graveyard with Hell’s Chef) Grounder! Scratch!

They come out and see Gregory and Chef.

Scratch: What IS it? (They get ready to fight)

Robotnik: Keep me covered!

Hell’s Chef: Grrr!

Gregory: I don’t think we’ve met. Hello.

Robotnik: …Hi. Now hand it over! The Chaos Emerald!

Gregory: What Emerald?

Grounder: Yeah, that’s right, cheese-chomper!

Scratch: You heard the man, now cough it up!

Hell’s Chef: GGRRRRR!!!

Chef gets ready to attack, but Gregory stops him.

Gregory: Chaos…. Oh, I remember. I just gave it to that pretty girl on the beach.

Robotnik: Are you kidding?!

Gregory: Seriously. She wouldn’t leave me alone until I gave it to her. She was nuts about that Emerald because of some crazy wish.

Scratch: Huh?

Grounder: Huh? Doesn’t sound good.

Robotnik shoves Grounder aside and gets in front of the bots.

Robotnik: I want to know where that girl is!

Gregory: I don’t know, but I just said goodbye to her about—

Robotnik (To the bots): She couldn’t have gotten too far! Come on, let’s go!

Bots: Right!

The run to and get on the Egg-O-Matic.

Robotnik: Engaging amphibious transformation! (The hovercraft turns into a boat) (To Gregory) Uh, hello there! Yoo-hoo! Would mind giving us a little push?

Gregory (Under breath): Anything to get out of my realm, you mustachioed, tub of lard…

Robotnik: Hurry up!

Gregory (Walking to the Egg-O-Matic) (Aloud): Yes, yes, keep your cape on. (He gets behind it and hits it multiple times with a metal stick he got from his pocket, until he makes a hole) (Sarcastic) Oopsy daisy. (Creepy Chuckle) Bon voyage! (He pushes them into body of water nearby. They sail away) Goodbye! Enjoy the bottom of the aftersea!

Robotnik (Calling): Thank you!

Gregory: …Those three deserve the hole I put in their side. Too bad, it was a nice craft.

With the villains.

Robotnik: Grounder, step on it! We’re going too slow!

Grounder: Aye, aye, skipper.

Water starts flowing into the hole Gregory made.

Back with Sonic and Rouge.

Rouge: Ready and presto!

She presses a button on the house, reverting it back to capsule form. Sonic reacts in surprise. Rouge is wearing her usual attire.

Rouge: Now THAT’S what I call house cleaning. Hm hm.

Sonic: Don’t scare me like that, Rouge.

Rouge: Okay, I’ll warn you next time.

Sonic rubs his cheek where a bullet whizzed past.

Rouge: I guess we’ll both have to take the Flying Nimbus, it’ll be faster.

Sonic: But didn’t Gregory say you have to be pure of heart to ride the Flying Nimbus?

Rouge: What’s THAT supposed to mean? I’m probably the purest person you know!

Sonic: …Alright. (The Nimbus lowers) Go ahead, give it a try. (Rouge tries, but she falls through and hits the ground, front-first. She groans in pain.) Pure, huh? (Giggles)

Rouge: Oh! Now my clothes are dirty! Darn it! I didn’t want to ride that stupid cloud, anyway!

Later Sonic is riding the Nimbus, way ahead of Rouge, who is on her Motorcycle, which is way slower than the Nimbus. Sonic slows down to her.

Sonic: Kinda slow, huh?

Rouge: Oh, just hush up! Nobody likes a show-off, you know!

Back with the villains.

Grounder: There’s that smell again.

Scratch: MAN, that’s toxic!

Robotnik: Oh yeah!? Well, whoever smelt it, dealt it! Right, Grounder?!

Grounder (Still scared from last time): Right, you evilness…

The cockpit starts flooding.

Scratch: Huh? (Screams)

Grounder and Robotnik: Huh? (looks, Screams)

The craft sinks.

Narrator: As the villains sink with the setting sun, our heroes’ adventure continues. Join us again next time as Sonic and Rouge once again further their quest to unite the seven magic Chaos Emeralds!
Who would win?
  • Mood: Artistic
Who would win?
  • Mood: Artistic


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