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Who would win?
  • Mood: Artistic
Vs Ermac

Comes in first.
Raziel: How many souls do you house?
Ermac: We house thousands.
Raziel: And I shall consume them all.

Comes in second.
Ermac: Who are you?
Raziel: You demise.
Ermac: Die, boastful one.

Vs Jax

Comes in first
Raziel: Interesting arms.
Jax: Care to see ‘em up close?
Raziel: Only if you are prepared for the Reaver.

Comes in second.
Jax: What the hell are you?
Raziel: Beyond your comprehension.
Jax: I’m too old for this shit.

Vs Johnny Cage

Comes in first.
Raziel: You are famous?
Johnny: And then some.
Raziel: Soon to be none.

Comes in second
Johnny: You look like something out of a movie.
Raziel: What is a “movie”?
Johnny: This guy for real?

Vs Kano

Comes in first
Raziel: Move aside.
Kano: Can’t do that.
Raziel: Then I shall move you.

Comes in second.
Kano: Your sword oughta fetch a nice price.
Raziel: The Reaver is not for sale.
Kano: (Spits) Ain’t up to you.

Vs Kenshi

Comes in first
Raziel: What do you want, sightless one?
Kenshi: Merely to greet you.
Raziel: Do not waste my time.

Comes in second.
Kenshi: I sense a supernatural force in you.
Raziel: I was once a vampire.
Kenshi: And now you are something more frightening.

Vs Kitana

Comes in first.
Raziel: Who bars my way?
Kitana: I am princess of Edenia.
Raziel: That name is unknown to me.

Comes in second
Kitana: Hold, creature.
Raziel: You seek my destruction?
Kitana: That depends on you.

Vs Kung Lao

Comes in first.
Raziel: A weapon you wear?
Kung Lao: Not something you’ve seen before?
Raziel: Let us see whose blade is sharper.

Comes in second.
Kung Lao: A demon?
Raziel: I am no demon.
Kung Lao: Could have fooled me.

Vs Liu Kang

Comes in first.
Raziel: You are attuned to fire.
Liu Kang: To burn the likes of you.
Raziel: You shall be extinguished.

Comes in second.
Liu Kang: State your business.
Raziel: And why would I answer to you?
Liu Kang: I will give you a reason.

Vs Mileena

Comes on first.
Raziel: What are you?
Mileena: The true ruler of Outworld.
Raziel: To me, you are an abomination.

Comes in second.
Mileena: Who dares approach me?
Raziel: Stand aside.
Mileena: Answer me or die.

Vs Quan Chi

Comes in first
Raziel: You shall not control me.
Quan Chi: Do you not know my power?
Raziel: Your “power” means nothing to me.

Comes in second.
Quan Chi: Lost, little soul?
Raziel: What business have you with me?
Quan Chi: You will serve me in the Neitherrealm.

Vs Raiden

Comes in first
Raziel: What sorcery is this?
Raiden: This is as far as you go.
Raziel: We shall see…

Comes in second
Raiden: You do not belong here.
Raziel: Another false god.
Raiden: I assure you, I am real.

Vs Reptile

Comes in first
Raziel: Move away, beast.
Reptile: I shall feast on your flesh.
Raziel: I shall leave a bad taste in your mouth…

Comes in second
Reptile: You are trespassing.
Raziel: Do not provoke me.
Reptile: Your threats do not move me.

Vs Scorpion

Comes in first
Raziel: My Water Reaver will douse your flames.
Scorpion: I wield HELLfire.
Raziel: Even Hell is not untouchable.

Comes in second
Scorpion: You are a revenant as well?
Raziel: In a manner of speaking…
Scorpion: Let us test your abilities.

Vs Shinnok

Comes in first.
Raziel: Another false god.
Shinnok: I will not suffer your insolence.
Raziel: Then suffer my wrath.

Comes in second.
Shinnok: Raziel.
Raziel: You have me at a disadvantage.
Shinnok: You will know me as your master.

Vs Sonya Blade.

Comes in first.
Raziel: You hinder me?
Sonya: I’ve got some questions.
Raziel: But I will not answer.

Comes in second.
Sonya: You’re coming with me.
Raziel: For what purpose?
Sonya: Interrogation.

Vs Sub-Zero

Comes in first
Raziel: I suggest you surrender.
Sub-Zero: The Lin Kuei do not surrender.
Raziel: Until now.

Comes in second
Sub-Zero: You wield ice as well?
Raziel: And my Fire Reaver shall burn you.
Sub-Zero: If I do not freeze you first.

Vs Cassie Cage

Comes in first
Raziel: Foolish child.
Cassie: I know you are, but what am I?
Raziel: Enough wordplay.

Comes in second.
Cassie: Hey there, blueberry.
Raziel: You tamper with forces you cannot comprehend.
Cassie: Whoa. Dork alert.

Vs D’Vorah

Comes in first
Raziel: You remind me of Zephon.
D’Vorah: This one is called D’Vorah.
Raziel: You will die all the same.

Comes in second.
D’Vorah: The hive does not know you.
Raziel: You shall soon…
D’Vorah: We would rather know your taste.

Vs Erron Black

Comes in first
Raziel: Strange weapons.
Erron: Ain’t seen a gun before.
Raziel: They shall not best the Reaver.

Comes in second
Erron: Fancy sword you got there.
Raziel: It shall rip your soul from its moorings.
Erron: Never bring a blade to a gun fight.

Vs Ferra/Tor

Comes in first
Raziel: A child rides the beast?
Ferra: Ferra am woman!
Raziel: It matters not.

Comes in second.
Ferra: We squish blue man!
Raziel: And just how will you do this?
Ferra: Take eyes and shiny sword!

Vs Jacqui Briggs

Comes in first
Raziel: What manner of weapons are those?
Jacqui: Standard issue power gauntlets.
Raziel: Can they defend you from a spirit?

Comes in Second
Jacqui: What am I looking at?
Raziel: Your demise.
Jacqui: And now I don’t care.

Vs Kotal Kahn

Comes in first.
Raziel: I do not fear you.
Kotal Kahn: Perhaps I can change your mind.
Raziel: Unlikely…

Comes in second
Kotal Kahn: You dare challenge the emperor?
Raziel: You are no emperor to ME.
Kotal Kahn: I shall change your opinion.

Vs Kung Jin

Comes in first
Raziel: Long distance combat?
Kung Jin: Just being cautious.
Raziel: Is that another word for “cowardly”?

Comes in second.
Kung Jin: Whoa, what happened to YOU?
Raziel: I have been dragged through hell and back.
Kung Jin: Well, I’m gonna mess you up even more.

Vs Takeda

Comes in first
Raziel: You possess telepathic powers.
Takeda: And then some.
Raziel: Impresive. However...

Comes in second
Takeda: Look what the cat dragged in.
Raziel: A cat did NOT drag me here.
Takeda: This guy from the dark ages?

Vs Goro

Comes in first.
Raziel: The four armed prince.
Goro: The jawless puppet.
Raziel: Enough banter.

Comes in second

Goro: What are you?
Raziel: I was going to ask you the same.
Goro: Let us get better acquainted.

Vs Jason Voorhees

Comes in first.
Raziel: What are you doing?

Comes in second
Raziel: Keep your distance, feind.

Vs Predator

Comes in first
Raziel: What monstrosity is this?

Comes in second
Raziel: Stand away, monster!

Vs Tanya

Comes in first
Raziel: Who are you?
Tanya: Too much for YOU.
Raziel: Shall I knock you off your perch?

Comes in second
Tanya: Who do we have here?
Raziel: I am Raziel.
Tanya: A name that shall vanish into obscurity.

Vs Tremor

Comes in first.
Raziel: You take pride in your powers.
Tremor: Why should I not?
Raziel: They cannot protect you forever.

Comes in second
Tremor: My power is that of the earth.
Raziel: My Water Reaver will soften you.
Tremor: You assume I will give you that chance.
Mortal Kombat X Raziel Intros
What I imagine would be the interactions between Raziel and the others in Mortal Kombat X

Don't own Mortal Kombat, Legacy of Kain, Aliens or Friday the 13th
Round 1, Match 13

Who would win?
  • Mood: Artistic
Round 1, Match 12

Who would win?
  • Mood: Artistic
Round 1, Match 13

Who would win?
  • Mood: Artistic
Who would win?
  • Mood: Artistic


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