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Shining Armor was filling out some royal paperwork at night. He had ordered Flash Sentry to turn in for the night, insuring that he would be fine. "And... done!" Shining was finally done, now he could get to bed with Cadance. He leaves the study and sees someone in the hall. "Huh? Who's there?!" The figure steps into the light. "Big Macintosh? What are YOU doing here? Do you have buisness with me or Cadance?" "Eeyup." "Well, I'm afraid it will have to wait until tomorrow. It's late andI need to sleep. Good night." As Shining is about to leave, he's hit with a paralysis/silence spell. 'W-What?!' Thought Shining. 'Earth Ponies can't use magic!' Big Mac walks to Shining. "Nope..." He then bites into Shining's side and starts eating his flesh.
Zombie Brother Shining Armor
Looks like the Crystal Empire's got a zombie for a prince.

Don't own My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
Kitty Bubai and her best friend, Franke were at Kitty's house having a sleepover. "This sleepover was a great idea, Kitty." "Thanks." They did the usual sleepover stuff, eat pizza, watch movies, have pillow fights and do makeovers. They gossip and share a few laughs. "Say, Kitty, I'm thirsty." "Yeah, me too. I'm gonna go get some drinks." She gets up and is about to leave. But then Franke bites her neck from behind. She feeds for a moment until stopping and letting Kitty's body fall. "Thanks. We should do this more often..."
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore)
Riku was in Mysterious Tower/Syphony of Sorcery, contemplaiting his new role as Keyblade Master. "Gosh, you okay Riku?" Riku turns and sees Mickey standing at the door to the room he was in. "Oh, hey Mickey. Yeah. It's just that, I'm kinda nervous. Will I live up to the hype?" "Haha, don't worry. I think you'll do swell. You gotta admit, "Master Riku"'s got a nice ring to it. They both share a light chuckle. "Well, I gotta help Master Yen Cid with some stuff. See ya later." "Later." Mickey leaves. Riku draws his Keyblade and looks at it. "I HAVE to be ready. Not only will we face Xehanort and the 13 Darknesses. but dangers from other worlds, too." Just then, Riku found himself unable to move or speak. Ralphie was in there with him, he had injected him with something to paralyze him and cast a silence spell. "Yeah, like me." He knocks Riku on his back and gets on his hands and knees so he can feast on Riku's flesh, and that's just what he did.
Night in Pupununu Village. In the Chief's hut, his youngest daughter, Jeera, was asleep in her bed. She was then woken up by a loud thud. She gets up and looks out her window. She sees nothing, so she goes outside without waking her dad or sister. She goes out and looks around. "Hello?" She says. "Is anyone here? ... Who could still be awake this time of night?" She asks herself. "It better not be Tak trying to pull a prank on me." "Anyone?" She calls out again. "Guess not... Well, nothing to do but finish this sentance uninterup--" Something jumps onto and bites into her neck, knocking her to the ground. It was Goombella. After drinking her blood. She gets off as Jeera goes limp. "Ha. Never fails."
Ralphie Tennelli was at home, finishing up the homework Ms. Frizzle gave to the class. "And...done. Finally. How I can get some shut-eye." He gets into bed and goes to sleep. Something crawls out from under his bed, it was Carlos. He had snuck in and hid under Ralphie's bed to wait for him to get to sleep. He stands up and over Ralphie. "This should be a big meal." He says quietly. He casts the silence spell and starts to feast on Ralphie's flesh.
Coppy from Adam  

Attention, there is a hacker who has hacked the account of Dragonthunder123. In case he decides to hack me or anyone else, here's how to tell if this person did.

1) He will send notes with the subject "U suck" with insults.

2) He will change your Icon to various perverted things.

3) He will remove everything you upload.

4) He will harass people

5) He will draw crude things.

He will still use the hacked account. Pass this message on if you don't want to get hacked

(If this is another false thing or whatever, I'm gonna be pissed...)
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