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Tim Jamal had invited Ralphie to look at his latest issue of the Adventures of Weatherman. "So, it's a Halloween issue?" "Yep, "Weatherman vs the Storm Ghost"! You see, Weatherman must face a foe who can also control the weather." "Sweet. That'll be hot!" "That's what I'm hoping." They talk some more about Weatherman, comics and Halloween. "Well, it's getting late. I gotta finish this up and get to bed." "Okay, good-night, Tim." "Night, Ralphie." He goes back to sketching. But as soon as he turns, Ralphie casts the silence spell and bites into him and starts to eat his flesh. After he's finished, he stops. "Next issue: Weatherman the weatherzombie..."
Zombie Brother Tim Jamal
The students are dropping (and rising) one by one.

Don't own Magic School Bus.
At night, Diamond Tiara was polishing her tiara before bed. She looks it over and admires its sheen. "Perfect, just like the head it sits upon." She says with pride. She sets it on her dresser and goes to bed. Some time later, the sound of dubstep is heard. Diamond Tiara's eyes shoot open, empty of all emotion. She was under a trance. She gets out of bed, puts her tiara on and walks out the door. She sneaks out of the mansion and goes out into Ponyville. She passes Fluttershy's cottage and goes into the Everfree Forest. It seemed Diamond was the only one who could hear this music. Diamond goes past Zecora's hut and reached a clearing that was in front of the entrance of the old alicorn castle. Vinyl Scratch was there, playing on her turn tables. She stops when she sees Diamond coming up to her. "Hey there, little filly." She walks up to her. "Guess you're the one who got caught in my hypno-beats. Ain't they the sickest sounds you ever heard?" "Yes..." "Sweet. You know, I'm glade you came. I was getting hungry. Now I got a little snack. You're all mine now." "Yes, my blood is yours, take as much as you want..." "Don't mind if I do." And with that, she bites into Diamond's neck and drinks her blood. After she feeds, she lets Diamond collapse. "The blood of a child, so young and sweet. I love it..."
Vampire Sister Diamond Tiara
Looks like the little brat now serves another.

Don't own My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
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Theodore Seville was in the kitchen, baking Halloween cookies. "Mmm, these are gonna be good." He says as he mixes the batter. Simon then walks in. "Hey, Theodore." "Oh, hi Simon." He continues mixing. Simon walks over to him. "What're you doing?" "Making Halloween cookies." "Oh, I see." He watches for a moment. "You know what else should be ready for Halloween?" "What?" "You." "You mean I should get my costume?" "Something like that..." He casts the silence spell and suddenly bites into Theodore. He eats his flesh and organs and watches him fall down dead. "There we go..."
After an awesome show, Vinyl Scratch, know by her stage name as DJ-Pon3, returns to her home and starts getting ready for bed. She takes off her shades and gets into bed. "Man, that was tight." She says to herself. "And the next one's gonna be even tighter." She falls asleep. Some time later, someone has snuck into her house. It was Trixie, she used the door as teleporting would've been too noisy. She walks over to Vinyl. She then uses her hypnotic powers. "Rise..." She says. Vinyl's eyes shoot open. In a trance, she sits up at Trixie's order. "Now, hold still while the Great and Powerful Trixie feeds on your blood." With that, Trixie bites the DJ's neck and starts feeding. After Trixie was done, she looks at Vinyl, who was again laying in bed. "Trixie passes this gift to you..."
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore)
Takuya was at home, thinking back to all the adventures he had through the Digital World with his friends. Then, there's a knock on the door. He goes to answer it. He opens the door. "Hey, Takuya." "Huh? Hey, Koji. What brings you her at this hour?" "Just thought I'd come over and say hi. And maybe hang out a bit." "Well, sure. Come on in, buddy." He lets Koji in. They go up to Takuya's room. "So, what do you want to talk about?" "Dunno, let's think of something." Takuya starts to think, but as he does, Koji casts the silence spell. Then he bites into Takuya's back and rips off a chunk of flesh. After that, he grabs Takuya, who was trying to flee, and begins to eat his flesh. After he was done, he looks down at the now-dead Takuya. "Thanks for the meal, pal..."
Coppy from Adam  

Attention, there is a hacker who has hacked the account of Dragonthunder123. In case he decides to hack me or anyone else, here's how to tell if this person did.

1) He will send notes with the subject "U suck" with insults.

2) He will change your Icon to various perverted things.

3) He will remove everything you upload.

4) He will harass people

5) He will draw crude things.

He will still use the hacked account. Pass this message on if you don't want to get hacked

(If this is another false thing or whatever, I'm gonna be pissed...)
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